While walking in our neighbourhood, we noticed a new restaurant and got super excited!  In Vancouver a good new place to eat within walking distance is awesome, and we’re lucky to live near 4th ave, but being a foodie means options are important, so off we went to try Chewies Steam and Oyster Bar.  Their full website isn’t up yet, and I found a spelling error, but I’m gonna let it slide because the service and the food was the best I’ve had in a really long time!  I know I say that a lot because I’m in the business of praising versus bashing, but seriously it was SOOOO good.  We sat at the bar facing the kitchen, so we got a great view of the chefs preparing all the amazing dishes.

I wanted to try a classic creole dish, jambalaya.

…and this was a meal on it’s own, to be honest it was a little too spicey for me, and much too large – I think I drank a quarter of it.

These delicious little treats are just fancy doughnuts called beignets, served with a chicory coffee sauce and heavily dusted with icing sugar!  Hot deep fried bread? Yes, please!