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spring garden wedding

I still love wedge sandals, and do you know why they will never go out of style?  Because you can’t wear heels to a garden wedding, you’ll sink in the grass!  Ladies, keep in mind where the wedding venue is going to be before you plan your outfit!  Another thing, if you’re not used to wearing heels then take it easy.  It does not look good when you try to walk in something you’re not used to!  Yesterday I saw a gal walking into a restaurant, and she had to  brace herself against the wall because she was having such a hard time walking in her shoes!  Life is too short for you to feel that uncomfortable.  With that said, you’re going to wanna dance at the wedding so a wedge heel is good for that, or just wear a cute pair of flats…please DO NOT wear flip flops okay?  Yuck.  Flip flops are for the beach, or when I take out the garbage at night in my pj’s.  They are about as cool as uggs, and true religion bootcut jeans with rhinestones on the butt.  Ok?  Don’t do it.  Is it a beach wedding?  That’s the only time you can wear your Havaianas.  Ok, enough ranting about footwear, take a look at this outfit below.  I love all the pieces, what a cute look for attending a wedding.  Especially if you’re single.  Weddings are a great place to meet someone!  The statement necklace is fun, and not over priced.  If you wear a statement necklace then be sure to wear posts for earrings rather than anything dangly.  Or if you wear big earrings, opt for a dainty simple pendant necklace.  Hair accessories are cute too, with soft big messy curls.  Don’t you dare do the tight ringlet, grade 9 prom look.  Natural, is better.  Have fun, and don’t drink too much.  No one wants to see your undergarments at this point.Spring Garden WeddingMake it Zig Dress, Modcloth $125 | Esme Deco Posts, Anthropologie $28 | Jessica Simpson Wedge Sandal, Nordstrom $84 | Mixed Alloy Necklace, Anthropologie $48 | Petal Swirl Clip, Anthropologie $18 | Before Your Thyme Bag, Modcloth $72


gifts for gals

It’s nice to treat the ones close to you.  I know this time of year brings a lot of mixed feelings, but the holiday season isn’t only about needless gift giving.  It is a good time to buy thoughtful gifts for those you appreciate.  Not that appreciation is only shown through gift giving, but I honestly LOVE finding gifts for my friends and family.  Hunting for something for someone special is enjoyable for the gift giver too :)  Here are some suggestions.  I love the Polaroid camera, it’s great for the gal who isn’t easily thrilled with accessories and girlish gifts.

Polaroid Camera Kit | Matika Stone Necklace | Marc Jacobs Rollerball Trio | Happy Socks |  Rancher Hat | Charlotte Ronson Makeup Bag

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going out for dinner in Portland

Packing enough items when you travel is always hard for me, so I always make sure I take versatile pieces.  I got so much wear out of my trusted denim jacket (anthropologie), and my Rachel Comey knock off booties (aldo).  ALWAYS take items that work dressed up or dressed down, and if you think a denim jacket is only to be worn casually, I’m here to tell you that’s not true!

lace dress: plenty $45 | long cardi: free people $99 | statement necklace: anthropologie $58 | lace up boots: aldo $60

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I love Natalie’s look today.  The high-waisted jeans, the skinny belt, bright cropped blazer, and platform wedge shoes, Nat knows what’s up! I appreciate that underneath the wide pant leg and above the hot shoes, is a secret little anklet that matches the statement necklace no less.  All these pieces are affordable, the jeans and shoes are from urban outfitters, and the blazer is from H&M.  Nat’s basic black long-sleeve tee is from Plenty.  Hunt for those pieces that will make you look like a million bucks, not like you spent a million bucks!

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southwestern style

Here I am with my amazing friend, in this beautiful climate.  The sun is shining, the terrain is gorgeous, and I just had to take photos (haha, well actually Anna was my lovely photographer).  Anna was great, she was sure to tell me what my best angle was, so here’s what we have, some photos of what to wear in the warm Arizona weather in the month of November!  Everything here is sun-soaked and does not make me miss the Vancouver rain.

This strapless floral dress was a Piperlime purchase, by Aryn K on sale for $55.  What a steal!  The bright colours are perfect for the desert.  The necklace was an Anthropologie sale purchase for $10, t-strap wedge shoes are vintage, and the short sleeve blazer is a hand me down.

If you want to know what to pack when traveling to a warm climate, here’s my advice – always pack dresses.  A friend’s mom always says “dresses are a two for one outfit”  you don’t have to worry about a top and a bottom, it’s one piece and is easy to accessorize.  Remember to pack a razor, it’s your best friend when your wardrobe is composed of mostly dresses.   The dress below was another Anthropologie purchase, by Gryphon.  I absolutely love the embroidered pattern and the saturated colours, so southwest.  It was $120, and the light floral open-closure cardi is a Target purchase for $20!!  I love this piece, and the fact that it was a great deal is even better!

Time to switch the shoes!

I love these sandals, again $20 at Target!  I love American prices, don’t worry Canada I shop A LOT  in my homeland too.

yeah, I’m posing, whatever!

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make your own statement necklace!

Do you have costume jewelry that you never wear?  Go do an inventory of all your old pieces, earrings, brooches, and necklaces, even watches and see if you can put them to better use.  I made this statement necklace out of old jewelry, and some pieces that I bought on clearance from the craft store.  To make them look refreshed, I bought some copper-ish spray paint, and spray painted all the pieces.  If some of the items you’re using have jewels or stones, spray paint the whole thing, then quickly wipe the jewels with paper towel – that worked just fine.  Take a look at my progress, and my finished product!  DON’T make this after you have nail polished or manicured, not a good idea.  DO make some sangria and invite your girlfriends over, and have a potluck of all your old jewelry. WARNING sangria may cause the end results to vary.




one skirt, five ways


LOVING THE SWEATER SKIRT RIGHT NOW!  Mine is from Anthropologie for 98 bones, which is a great price.  Along with the skirt, you’ll notice that with 4 out of the 5 outfits I’m wearing my favourite booties, from Joe Fresh (genuine leather) for 79 bones!  Great deal.

This outfit is for all of you working ladies, totally work appropriate but still fresh and put together.  The blouse is Joe Fresh 24 bones, the belt and cropped jacket are from Anthropologie (though the jacket is from last year’s collection, but I saw something similar at H&M). The boots are Aldo, but purchased a long time ago, but again there are similar boots (check out Piperlime).



For a Dressy Look: Sorry about the purple polish!  Didn’t plan that, BUT the top was a gift from my wonderful BFF, the brand is Plastic Island, purchased from Holly (a boutique in Gastown, Vancouver).  The statement necklace was on sale at Anthropologie for 10 bones, but look at my previous posts to see where you can find other great statement necklaces.


For a casual look: This photo is pretty blurry, I don’t have my proper gear when visiting my parents but you get the main idea :) The scarf (can you tell its my fave?) from H&M for 20 bones, navy tee from Zara for 30 bones, the jacket is from Anthropologie, on sale for 60 bones.



Night out: I would wear this to go out with my girlfriends for a glass of wine or two, but you can totally wear this to a formal networking event, its completely appropriate.  The silk tunic is from a boutique in Gastown, Vancouver the label is Veronique Miljkovitch for about 200 bones.


Funky look: Would you be brave enough to wear this to a work related event?  I would!  Anyway, I LOVE these tights from H&M for 18 bones, such a great price for such a statement!  The necklace you’ve seen before in a previous post, its from Piperlime.  The trench is from Anthropologie, but last years collection, and I have a black cropped sweater underneath, again Anthropologie from last year, but its pretty basic and you can find one similar at the Gap for about 50 to 70 bones.







gotta have it – statement necklaces

Statement necklaces are such a great way to dress up your favourite tee!  My favourite is the “cleopatra” necklace from Piperlime.  Remember not to overdo the accessories if you choose to wear a heavy piece like the ones above, a pair of simple posts for earrings, and maybe a watch and thats it!  Wear your hair down for a more casual look, with a t-shirt, a simple blazer, your favourite fitted jeans, and some booties – and you are work and after work appropriate!


red lips, pink sweater

Here’s my inspiration, a beautiful (but pricey) Marc Jacobs sweater.

Like I always say, you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve a certain look, so here’s my attempt!  The sweater is from ZARA, it was 60 bones as opposed to the MJ sweater for 260 bones.  Since the sweater is pretty bulky, and because I have a petite frame, its easy for pieces to overwhelm my figure, so I added balance with a pair of very simple skinnies, and taupe boots.  The taupe boots are so old, I think I got them about 5 years ago, and I still wear them A LOT.  The necklace adds a bit of glamour, along with the red lips!  The necklace was purchased a while ago at Piperlime, around 50 bones.



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