Guys can be hard to shop for.  Every year I have to try and top what I bought the year before, and it can be hard.  This year, I got a few questions as to what to get for a guy that’s thoughtful, and dear lord PLEASE don’t give him “coupons”  that is SO cheesy, seriously ladies we’re better than that.

The first thing you need to remember is that guys are simple, ohhhh yes they are, and don’t tell yourself otherwise.

I love the iCade!  I want one myself!  If you got him an iPad last year, then this is a good little gift for this year.

I always find that my bf likes experiences far more than things, so concert tickets, or tickets to a comedy club are a good idea for someone like him, and that’s also a great gift for someone that you’ve just recently started dating, it’s something you can do together, and is not hard on the wallet.

Swiss army knife: your initial thought is “typical” but actually it’s a great gift, my dad loves his and it comes in handy, really!

For the hipsters in your life, the turntable is a good one, as well as the USB amp speaker (both from Urban Outfitters).

The Fossil watch is hot and it’s less than $150, which is a great price for a men’s watch that looks like this – this is for a serious bf ladies, do not spend this amount if you’ve gone on three dates.

The vintage Nintendo – I would want one too (we already have one), but how fun is that?

The bag is Swiss Army too, and I think it’s cool and practical – good for a male friend, brother, etc.

Lastly, we all know the way to a man’s heart – and it involves cooking, chocolate chip cookies are always a good idea, for boyfriends, friends, or family.

Here is the list of products and prices, happy holiday hunting!

1.  iCade from ThinkGeek – $80  |  2. Show tickets – ticketmaster (prices vary)

3. Vintage nintendo from Ebay (prices vary)

4.  USB amp speaker from Urban Outfitters – $24

5.  Swiss army knife from Victorinox Swiss Army - $30

6.  Stainless steel black watch from Fossil – $145

7. Standard backpack from Swiss Army - $50

8.  Portable turntable from Urban Outfitters – $160

9. Chocolate chip cookies! – $10 for ingredients