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Consignment Page


Brrr, the air is cooler and the skies grayer. All we want to do is cozy up in our warm sweaters! Now accepting Winter.

All season item such as light weight long sleeves, jeans, sneakers, and light weight jackets, jumpsuits will also still be accepted. 

Items we will NOT take? We are no longer accepting summer or spring wear. Please save lighter material clothing, open-toed shoes, and the like for next season.



Put it in a pile, bag it, bring it to us! Please be sure ALL items are laundered, and in like new condition. We are open 11-6:30PM Monday to Saturday and 12-5PM on Sundays. There is no appointment necessary! Please do not bring your items on hangers and in garment bags, recycled bags work best. Keep in mind that we have a maximum drop-off limit of one average size reusable bag per location per week (that's every seven days). 

We sort through your product, and choose pieces that are sellable. Keep in mind items that are dirty, damaged, pilling, out of season, dated, as well as any under garments or swimwear will not be accepted and should also not be dropped off to us, as we are not a charity. 

Usually sorting is not able to happen when you drop off, unless we have a sorter on shift, so please give us 5 days (maximum) to sort through your items. Whatever we don’t keep, you can choose to have returned or donated to our affiliated charities.

When items sell you accumulate 40% of the selling price. You can either use your store credit and shop with us to buy yourself something cute or we can issue you are cheque with a small fee of $1.50. 

There is a bonus if you use your money earned as a store credit to shop with us, if you do this you get 15% off your purchase of equal or lesser value to your store credit.

 Your items will stay on our selling floor for a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 80 days, after that they will either be given back to you or donated (whatever you previously chose for that batch.)