Holiday Ordering Deadlines!

Holiday shopping can be very stressful! As a rule of thumb, the earlier the shopping, the less headache. But we are also humans who can't get enough of the last minute gift buying. Here's a simple timeline to help you get a better idea of what can be guaranteed for the holidays, and what may end up being an "IOU"!

*Please note, you are more than welcome to place orders after these dates. We just can't guarantee your order will get to you before the holidays! These timelines are also independent of any great acts of nature. Due to the recent rain storms and flooding in BC, your package travel time may be affected. These events are out of our control.

For local shipping: Place your order by December 15th.

For national shipping: Best to place your order by December 12th.

For local pick up at 227 Union St.: Place your order by December 21st.

For local pick up at 225 Lonsdale Ave.: Place your order by December 18th.


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