Metta Good Lemon Palo Santo Lip Balm
Metta Good Lemon Palo Santo Lip Balm Model

Metta Good - Lemon Palo Santo Lip Balm

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A refreshing and sacred scent for your lips. Palo Santo is also known as "holy wood", and has been part of sacred closed practices and rituals in South America for centuries. Burning it also proves to be healing upon inhalation. Metta Good sources their palo santo essence only from the fallen branches, to help conservation efforts of this endangered tree.


  • 0.15 oz
  • Ingredients | Beeswax from a sustainable bee-friendly farm, jojoba oil, avocado oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, paraben-free vitamin E oil, palo santo essential oil, lemon essential oil, and a lot of love!
  • Made in San Francisco, CA, USA


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