Where We Donate Clothing

Harvest Project
The Harvest Project is a registered Canadian charity that works to support members of the North Shore community who may be experiencing adversity in their lives. The programs they have range from immediate support to long-term support services. From their Emergency Food program to Clothes for Change (their client-support program)---The Harvest Project is not only committed to the wellness of individuals accessing their services, they also look to ensure wellness that is sustainable.  Their mission is :  “To help people who are experiencing challenging life circumstances by providing physical, emotional and spiritual support that empowers each one to take positive steps in their lives.” https://www.harvestproject.org/about/
Face of Today 
Face of Today offers wrap-around support, education, after school programs and more for youth in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Grandview and Woodlands communities. These programs not only provide educational opportunities and resources,they also assist in bridging  a community and cultivating a safe space for youth to go to everyday.
My Sister’s Closet (BWSS)
My Sister’s Closet is part of a larger enterprise called Battered Women Support Services, they have two brick and mortar  locations which are run by volunteers. All funds accrued from the clothing sold in their shops, are re-distributed  towards programs, services and resources at BWSS.