How does your consignment work?

We accept drop offs by appointment only. Simply book your time slot through our website. We charge a $5 fee for late cancellations or no show appointments, so be sure to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 5 hours. 

Do you take walk in appointments?

We do not take walk ins unless we specifically advertise it on our instagram page. Please do not show up with consignment items without an appointment.

How can I drop off clothing to consign?

We will be accepting consignment drop offs by appointment only. Please book an appointment with us by clicking "Book Appointment" on our homepage. When you come in please let the team know you have a consignment appointment. We will sort through your items and give back what we don't take for our store, anything we do keep will go on our sales floor within the next 1-2 weeks. Anything that sells, you'll accumulate 40% of the sale in your consignment account. Items will stay on the selling floor between 30-80 days and items that do not sell we will donate to one of our affiliated charities or will be returned to you, whichever option you chose during your consignment appointment.

What are you taking for consignment?

We are not brand specific, but are looking for items that are contemporary or vintage, within current style trends. In addition to on trend, your garments must be laundered, free of any damage, and not overly worn. We accept seasonally so be sure to read the seasonal descriptions when you book your appointment. We aim to be size inclusive, so if you don't feel we represent your size at Hunter & Hare, please consign with us! It helps others know that we are in fact trying to showcase a diverse range of sizing. 

Please note that we do not accept menswear, jewelry or home goods on consignment. 

Why weren’t my items accepted?

Some of the common reasons that we don't accept items:

“styles that aren’t currently moving for us” - Our curators also process all our expired items, meaning any items that don’t sell after the 30-80 day selling period. When we see patterns in what we end up having to return or donate, we’ll be extra selective with similar styles.

“out of season” - We select items based on what will sell within the given season - if our curators believe an item would sell better at a different time of year, we may not accept it.

“overly worn or well-loved” - We try our best to take items that are in like-new condition. If an item is overly pilly, faded or stretched out, we won’t accept it.

“brands that don’t align with our company values” - Some brands that we avoid due to ethical concerns are: SHEIN, Peter Nygard, Balenciaga, Ivanka Trump, etc.

I have a balance in my account, can I get a payout?

Please go to this page to request a payout with us.

If I choose to use my earnings as store credit, how does that work?

Using your earnings as store credit is a great way to go because it means your dollar goes a little further. You get 15% off your purchase of equal or lesser value. You can use your store credit at any time to purchase any goods for sale at Hunter & Hare.

I'm a vendor. How can I stock my product with you?

We're very mindful of what we carry in the shops and love supporting local brands. If you feel your brand fits the Hunter & Hare vibe, please contact buyer@hunterandhare.com. *Please note, we receive a lot of interest and may only respond to those who we align with.

I am raising funds for a charity and I would like to request to be part of the Last Tuesday Charity drive at Hunter & Hare.  Who should I contact for this?

For an inquiries about our LTC charity drives, or other charitable initiatives, please contact community@hunterandhare.com. Our LTC drives happen every second month, on the last Tuesday of the month and we donate 25% of company sales to the chosen charity.


I still have questions! Can I contact you?

Of course you can, and we would love to hear from you! Please email us at hello@hunterandhare.com and we will try and get back to you within 48 hours.