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Hanune Phoenician Shield Ring 14K Solid Gold

Hanune Phoenician Shield Ring 14K Solid Gold

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The winding roads, the tall cedars and the sun sparkling on the Mediterranean Sea, this is the beauty of Lebanon. Hanune Jewelry is designed and sourced by our very Hunter & Hare co-owner, Jo Bousaleh. With a love for the finer things in life, and answering the call from her Lebanese heritage, this special combination of art and culture has culminated into a true H&H exclusive. In connection with her ancestral home, Lebanon, Jo works directly with a Beirut metalworker to ensure both safe work conditions and that these projects come from a place of love.


These pieces are made to last and to be passed down as heirloom pieces. The Phoenician Shield Ring is modelled after Phoenician armour, symbols symbolizing freedom and strength.



* 14K Solid Gold Ring | 1.61 grams

* Size 6


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