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This Is a Good Guide: Sustainable Living

This Is a Good Guide: Sustainable Living

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This is the definitive and comprehensive guide for what you can do about climate change and how to contribute to a better world. This is a fully revised edition, published in 2021, of the global bestseller This is a Good Guide - for a Sustainable Lifestyle .Would you like to live a bit more consciously, and know what you can actually do to help stop climate change and make equal rights happen? Would you like to feel empowered, and make your choices matter? Then this is the book for you.It's filled with practical and positive tips regarding fair fashion, clean beauty, real food, eco travel and a low-impact home, and shows that stylish and sustainable go very well together. And that it's about good, not perfect: about being smart, doing what you can and what suits you. With this modern, definitive handbook, sustainable lifestyle expert Marieke Eyskoot makes green and ethical living doable and cool. Solid solutions, inspiring insights, surprising facts, innovative brands and the right addresses - exactly what you need. After all, doing good and feeling good at the same time: does it get any better than that?


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